Actos Class Action Lawsuits on the Rise

Actos Lawsuits

When Actos hit the shelves it was the miracle drug for over 2 million people suffering from type-two diabetes.  It was going to help them live normal lives and assist them supplying insulin and sugar to treat their condition.  Now it is affecting these two million people with increased risk of bladder cancer, heart conditions and other complications.  Actos Lawsuits are popping up all over the globe. Do you have an Actos Class Acton Lawsuit.

The FDA is warning health care professionals to stop prescribing Actos and other drugs containing pioglitazone to anyone suffering from actos bladder cancer and anyone who has a history of bladder cancer.A warning has been issued that warns people who have used Actos to treat type- two diabetes.  The FDA has also required a black label to warn patients of the increased chances of developing bladder cancer with long time use of Actos.  In September 2010, the FDA the released the findings of a 10 year study that Takeda Pharmaceuticals had done.  These results indicated that Actos users whom had used the drug for over a year and up to two years increased the risk of bladder cancer significantly.  Actos use has been linked to causing bladder cancer and heart conditions. Studies have shown that patients who have taken Actos for over a year may develop cancerous tumors on their bladder and increase their chance of developing Actos bladder cancer up to 40%.  If you are one of the many who have suffered from actos bladder cancer, you have rights and need to seek help with your Actos Lawsuit.

Actos was released to the public in 1999 and became the most popular drug on the market after Advandia was taken off the shelves in 2007 for causing heart complications. Over hundreds of Actos Lawsuit`s have started and undoubtedly will increase as more people develop complications due to long term Actos use.  Japanese drug maker Takeda pharmaceuticals CO. LTD manufactured the drugs and Actos lawsuits have been filed against them for negligence in complete testing and research into their product and lack of knowledge of its side effects. These people may have a Actos Lawsuit and need to seek help from the people who have experience, knowledge and a winning track record in fighting big drug companies.

France and Germany banned Actos from their shelves in June 2011 because of the increased risk of bladder cancer it can cause.  Takeda has taken a huge hit in sales since then and with the warnings that European Medicines Agency and now the FDA have issued sales will plummet even more as time goes by.  Along with bladder cancer, Actos has been linked to a disease of the eye that can cause complete blindness, and regardless Takeda is still selling their product.  They have made over four billion dollars and over 2 million people have taken Actos.  Actos was one of the top ten selling drugs and now is under investigation for causing Actos bladder cancer.  Takeda was negligent in testing of the drug and continue to be negligent in heeding the warnings and stop the sales of Actos.  Actos Lawsuits will be filed against Takeda and more will be affected as long as Actos is being prescribed to patients.

Actos Side Effects causing Actos Lawsuits

Hundreds of people have died from heart complications that Actos caused and now with the link to bladder cancer, the number of lives lost will rise.  Actos lawsuits have been filed in Europe and the US and there are requests that have been made to get the actual number of lawsuits in progress.  There are also decisions being made about if each claim will be handled separately or they will hold a Multidistrict Litigation trial.  We will hear more after the December first trial that will decide whether or not to consolidate Actos lawsuits or not. Takeda’s priorities were screwed up and the desire for high profits took over the priority to help and treat people.  They sold their product knowing the risk of bladder cancer and collected a huge profit in doing so.  Actos lawsuits will take that profit and give it the people who suffered from Takeda and their lack of humanity.

Takeda has failed to provide adequate warnings against the hazards their product may cause.  This in turn gives patients who have been taking Actos may be eligible for compensation by filing a Actos Lawsuit.  Takeda  is now aware of at least 54 cases that have been filed in federal district courts just in the United States.  They have to know that there are going to be many to follow and should halt the production of the drug if they are concerned about the compensation they are going to have to give to those affected by their drug.

Possible symptoms one may experience from Actos bladder cancer may include:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain when Urinating
  • Frequency of urination
  • Urgent feel of needing to Urinate
  • Abdominal pain
  • Urinary tract Infections
  • Back pain


Actos Attorneys are here to help you with your Actos Lawsuits

If you or a loved one has experienced any of these symptoms, seek medical attention and legal advice.  If Actos Bladder cancer has affected you then you deserve compensation and need to file an Actos Lawsuit.  Takeda Pharmaceuticals should and will be held responsible for their inadequate warnings of the dangers of Actos use.  Actos lawsuit’s will get you the help you deserve by directing you to the attorneys who know how to get results for patients who have suffered from big drug companies and their negligence.  Bladder cancer can be an embarrassing and horrible disease to have and treat.  Chemotherapy and removal of the bladder can be devastating on one’s physical and mental wellbeing.  For the unlucky others death is also possible.  Life with diabetes type two is hard enough, but when you throw in Actos bladder cancer from others negligence it makes life almost impossible.

We will handle everything for you so you can concentrate on your treatments, health, and healing.  Do not take on more stress by filing an Actos Lawsuit with inexperienced and non-effective attorneys.  Put your Actos lawsuit in the right hands and fill out the free claim evaluation form on the right.  We will work for you and there is nothing to lose when filing your Actos Lawsuit with us.  We do not collect unless you collect and we are here to help people.  We will not let you fall through the cracks and we will follow up with you through the whole process of your Actos lawsuit.  Our attorneys experience and track records speak for themselves.  We have the best team of attorneys out there and they are here to assist you through this terrible time you are experiencing.   We will handle your actos lawsuits and get you the retribution you deserve so you can pick up the pieces and work towards a healthier life.